Best Destinations to travel in 2020 | Google Flights

Our Planet is filled with wonders of nature. Then are wonders created by Mankind. Between them we travel to many places, going from city to city, country to country to have the adventure. We learn about history, Geography, Culture, and food. So, if you are planning to travel in 2020, where you should Go? If you are interested in knowing, then you have come to the right place. We will tell you, So, you can begin your planning early. For cheap flights, Google Flights will help you to search cheap airfare. One last thing we won't tell you about many places, only two.



You will need at least seven days to explore the wonder of nature fully. It will turn into an adventure trip no matter how much you try to keep it a peaceful vacation.  The Galapagos Islands are unique in their nature. Your Journey begins in Quito, an old town, Ecuador Capital. This city is vibrant itself. Spend a night here to see the old town, get to know the history, the culture of people.  Try the street food if are not too afraid of hygiene. The next day you can take a flight, head to San Cristobal. From there you need to hire a boat to go to the islands. If you are on your own then book the boar, or the travel company will do it. You will witness the Giant Tortoise, Witch hill, and the saltwater lagoon. Once you are here, you may refuse to leave. When you are done exploring it on the land, and underwater, then head back to Quito. Either you can spend one more night or directly take a flight. Now, If you come for a solo trip, you can look for cheap hotels on Google Flights Search. You will find many good deals on the website.

The Ancient Jordan

Look, Living history is altogether different from reading it. So, when you get a chance to do it. Jordan is the best country to live in it as soon as you enter here, head to the ancient city of Jerash, which is often called the Pompeii. Oval Plaza, Dibeen Forest reserve, arch of Hadrian, and Temple of Artemis are some of the ancient places. Although not the Dibeen forest reserve. There should be variety in your travels. After you explored it, Go to Wadi Rum. It is a desert wilderness. You will find Canyons and sandstone Mountains. We would say an air balloon ride will give you a unique perspective, So try it. Spending time with Bedouin tribe, riding on a camel is another Gem in your travel experience. The Next stop should be Petra, where you will get to see carved out of the rock face.